Past Event: Why Are We Seeing So Many [Dead] Whales?

whale tail

Photo by LeoLeon Images

Why are we seeing so many whales from our beautiful Pacifica shores? Blow after blow; lunge after lunge; breach after breach—it’s been an awesome sight for animal-lovers! What kind of whales are they and what are they doing here? SF Bay American Cetacean Society is honored to present an evening of learning about these majestic creatures. Long-time Pacifica resident and whale expert Izzy Szczepaniak will help us understand what we are observing AND will address the disturbing sight of dead whales on our beaches.

Thursday August 27th
Pacifica Library, 104 Hilton Way

Izzy has been studying the harbor porpoise population off the local coast for over 40 years. His master’s thesis was on “Abundance, Distribution, and Natural History of Harbor Porpoise in the Gulf of the Farallones.” He has conducted research on humpback whales in California and Costa Rica, and on bottlenose dolphins in Belize. He has worked as a naturalist for the Oceanic Society since 1982 and has taught classes on marine mammals at San Francisco State University and the California Academy of Sciences. He is one of the marine mammal biologists of the Golden Gate Cetacean Research team.

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