Thank You Volunteers!



These are still preliminary results from our 20+ sites going from Mussel Rock Daly City to Tunitas Creek Half Moon Bay; 1305 volunteers, 1942 lbs of trash, 494 lbs of recycles, ~400 lbs of metal scrap from Mavericks, over 21,000 cigarette butts, and a whole lot of FUN for everyone!

And for the volunteers who missed the celebration…

The Pacifica Beach Coalition was honored with certificates!


First Certificate from Jackie Speier:

house of representatives Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier certificate









And another one of them being: State Senate Certificate of Recognition to the PBC … “on behalf of the residents of the 13th Senate District, thank you for your continuing efforts to unite our 12049701_10153644615394868_4948858935158582985_ncommunity and beach lovers throughout the region to clean up, restore and cherish the beaches and waterways that line Pacifica’s coast. Through the installation of these new containers, you have taken steps to eliminate our coastal area’s number one litter problem — toxic cigarette butts. Your commitment to our ecosystem has inspired thousands to help keep our county’s beaches clean, safe, and environmentally sound.

Signed JERRY HILL Senator 13th District

And thank you Don Horsley for your generous donation!

12017636_10204876660379444_7667796974529967926_oNotes from Lynn: “Thank you Chris Porter and Recology of the Coast for 19 years of waste hauling for CCCD and Earth Day. Thank you Supervisor Don Horsley and Carol Groom for joining us and contributing a very generous donation for us to continue our work! Thank you Chris for your personal donation for a new cigarette container in honor of our oldest volunteer who passed in July!”


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