Thanks to our beach cleanups, habitat restoration events or school assemblies, we educate adults and kids from South Daly City to South Half Moon Bay. We bring awareness of the trash situation in our community, ocean and around the coastline.

This is how we bring change and happiness:

Please send my thanks to all the PBC folks for giving up their time and working with my students. One of my students came to me – so excited – and said “Mrs. Belway (with a big grin on her face) I learned how to plant something! This was the best part of the day! I think we will have some repeats on the next work day with you. Thank you again and thank PBC for taking the time to work with the community.
– Mrs Perrin Belway who brought 20 students to our MLK 20th Annual Day of Planting.

Thank you for your skillful community building and leadership – and the incredible amount of hard work you put in year-round! You keep everything in forward motion – awesome!
– Mary about our MLK 20th Annual Day of Planting

Just wanted to thank you and all that donated there time and hard work cleaning an area that was polluted with dangerous debris and trash. Its people like you that restore my faith in humanity. Sorry i could not be there again to help clean more broken bottles. more diapers. more clothing from the creek. You truly are a guardian of the planet. People will be able to appreciate the serenity and beauty of this area again. No one appreciates your efforts more than this Tunitas Creek resident he can now fish his local fishing hole without harmful pollution. Thank You.
– Edward Mcnicoll. A volunteer who made us start our monthly Tunitas Creek Beach Cleanups.
Thank you for being such a great partner for our Equinix Impact Month. Our employees really enjoyed volunteering with your organization. We appreciate your making us feel so welcome.
– Equinix Impact who came for a volunteer day with our Corporate Volunteer Give Back program.

Our focus at Rakuten USA for our 2017 CSR program is specifically on the environment. Working with the Pacific Beach Coalition has been a wonderful experience giving our employees a lot of knowledge on the environment while providing a fun team building activity.” Kiko P. from Rakuten USA who came to remove weeds.


The outing for the 5th graders was fabulous! A great combination of information and activity and weather!
– Christina Hyun from Nueva School – 5th graders came for a beach cleanup and Habitat Restoration at Rockaway switchbacks. Planted a section of the switchbacks, removed cape ivy from the rocky patch on the bluff and made seed balls with native seeds.
“A big thank you for all that you have done to educate the students. You have been very accommodating over the years and setting up the various locations throughout Pacifica.
The students at Park Mall were especially eye-opened! Collecting over 1 thousand cigarette butts in the back area. One student commented on how they were cleaning up butts while a worker (adult) threw his on the ground! They were totally grossed out at the amount of garbage lying around the area. Awesome learning moment!
Thank you for all the years of support you all have given me. I really do appreciate it 🙂
All the best for many wonderful years of making our environment beautiful for the future.”
Perrin B.

What an impact this day had on me! Now when I take my daily walks I notice the trash and have the need to pick it up. Looks like I’ll be carrying a trash bag with me along the beach path.
– Kim a volunteer who came to cleanup at Pillar Point.
A BIG thank you for leading the 5th grade beach clean-up day!  I heard from the teachers that it went very well and the kids had a great and informative time.  I really appreciate all your efforts to make it a success and to help steward these young environmentalists.” Tammy Crown talking about the Beach Clean-up Day for The Nueva School.
Thanks so much, Lynn! Our team had a lot of fun and it was definitely great team building.” Jennifer Shearer from Eversight talking about our Give Back program.


Just wanted to reach out and thank you for hosting myself and the ADT team this past weekend at Pillar Point. I did receive the email and checked out the site with the review for the invite. Special thanks to Celine for your assistance day of the event.

I got a lot of great feedback from all of our volunteers who all had a great time and felt that immediate reward of giving back and the impact we were able to make.

You guys are a great organization with a much needed cause and one that is near and dear to me. My hope is that this is the start of a lasting relationship between our organizations as I really look forward to be able to work with you again.

– Shane Gallagher from ADT Security who brought his team out for a beach cleanup.



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