Neighborhood Cleanups

park-mallNeighborhood Cleanups Focus on the Hot Spots


The Green Team formed to cleanup the Pacific Manor business district. The area has been a magnet for litter which may be blown or washed into storm drains leading to the ocean or straight onto Esplanade beach. The team encourages businesses, their customers and neighbors and volunteers to actively participate in this weekly cleanup which meets every Saturday in front of Mazzetti’s Bakery from 9-10am. Some neighbors walk blocks picking up as they come and go from their homes to the cleanup. Bring your bucket or grab one there.


roberts road

The Roberts Road Team focuses on the area’s persistent litter along its curbs, gutters, roadside and vegetation due to the area’s popularity. The team meets up during Earth Day of Action and Coastal Cleanup Day. Additional cleanups take place throughout the year in the spare of the moment when needed.



Our 911 Cleanups have centered around Park Mall in the back of the valley, a business district adjacent to San Pedro Creek.  The shopping center parking lot is full of litter all of the time. The wind blows litter into the creek that leads to the ocean or onto Linda Mar Beach.  911 Cleanups occur when there is an immediate need to remove debris; announcements are usually issued with short advance notice.

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mun-code2Did You Know?
When you observe litter, debris or blight in residential or commercial neighborhoods, you can file a report.  Contact the City of Pacifica Code Enforcement to help protect and preserve our coastal environment by notifying and reminding owners to keep up, maintain and beautify their property.

You can sponsor our neighborhood cleanups by making a tax deductible contribution or in-kind donation at any time of the year.

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