Annual Contributors

Our Annual Contributors

AOL. Aventure Out, Alfonso Gonzalez, Ashley Larsen, Baxter Fund, Beverly Becker, Bill & Sandy Brangan, Bob & Arlene Fife, Cathleen Josaitis, Celine Gerakin, Schwab, Chris Griffith, Chris Porter, City of Pacifica, Cliff Hodges, Colleen Durkin, County of San Mateo, Craig Gerek, Cytokinetics, David Whitehead, Debbie Kane, Delia McGrath, Dimitry Chichkov, Elaine Bushkov, Ellen McDougald, Equinix, Evelyn Spire, Fran Quartini, Frank Ruggiero Ruggiero, Genentech, George & Barbara Maloney, Gitte Marshall, Google, Greg Wood, Helen Nicely, Jan McCullock, Jennifer Ball, Jennifer Coyle, Jim Fithian, Karen Cochran, Karen Thomsen, Kathy Johnson, Ken Mooney, L. Finney, Levi Strauss, Linda Hoff, Linda Peebles, Lisa Chin, Lynn Adams, Manuel & Dorothy Borba, Marisa George, Mary Duffy, Marty Cerles, Mary Duffy, Mazetti’s Bakery, Meredith & Tom Teisseyre, North Coast County Water District, Notre Dame De Namur, Pacifica Daily Reflections Group, Pacifica Garden Club, Pacifica Tribune, Patty Deering, Paula Teixiera, Pauline Taini, Petra Schumann, PGE, Portola Shores, Rachel Strom, Recology of the Coast, Russ Hartman, Samantha Dorn, San Mateo County, Sandy & Bill Brangan, Sandy Mills, Shotsy Faust, Thermo Fisher, Tom Teisseyre, Tom Whitaker, Vicki Barr, Victoria Delucchi, Wendy Stokes, Wendy Tukloff.

Anna Cunningham, Bay Area Cox Conserves Heroes/Cox Foundation (Earth Day of Action & EcoFest), Bette Thomas, California Coastal Commission, Cathleen Josaitis, Chicken of the Sea’s Great American Gratitude Award, Chris Griffith, Christy Duncan Anderson, David Gilson, Genentech Give Back, Helen Nicely, Janet Hathaway, Joanne Wynne, Julie Walters, Karen Cochran, Karen Ervin & Family, Keep America Beautiful-Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, Linda Peebles, Lou Shapiro, Marie Romano, Martha Stewart, Mary Mikulin, Mazzetti’s Bakery, Pacifica Daily Reflections Group, Pacifica Garden Club, Pacifica Patch, Pacifica Riptide, Pacifica Tribune, Pauline Taini, Susan Senning/ProjectBlueprint, Recology of the Coast, Tami Tomasello, Terry Rogers, Waukesha County Community Foundation (H&D Fund).

Note: Contributors listed in alphabetical order.

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