Incredible News for Tunitas Creek Beach

Do you remember our first Emergency cleanup at Tunitas Creek Beach? Or when we picked up over 1000 lbs of trash?

Well, it all started with Michael, a local who contacted us about this beach and asked us for our help. From there, we started taking actions because so many bad things were happening: from illegal parking or camping to the creek being used as a bathroom (let’s skip the details…). But since then we have made incredible progress thanks to some very motivated and amazing people such as Brandy from TLC Locals and Edmundo now Pillar Point Harbor Commissioner.

We made the county aware of the situation, we got parking signs installed, we organized monthly beach cleanups and now, finally, the beach is going to be the first County beach park with proper regulations.

See, things can be done! Sometime you just need a bit of patience and perseverance.

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