Hey Unknown Surfer, We Found Your Go Pro!

Jeff, our devoted Mussel Rock volunteer, found a Go Pro 3 on January 1st. He extracted the Memory card and recovered some pictures. If it is you, contact us, we would be happy to give you your pictures back!

Jeff wrote:

I believe the owner of this camera was a surfer who lost the camera at the south end of Ocean Beach in San Francisco on March 4th, 2013, that is if the date was set correctly on it. The owner and a female of unknown relation went on a vacation February 3rd through the 5th of 2013, however, I don’t know the location. Hawaii (or Mexico) maybe? The camera was broken when I found it, the back half of the protective case having been broken away and the battery had corroded the inside. I had to dismantle the camera to get the memory card out, it was that stuck in there. The camera was found at Mussel Rock in Daly City near the Pacifica border. The closest landmark is Tobin’s Tunnel if you know where that is. The camera was found wedged into the rocks and sand with only a small part of it being visible. In fact only after digging it out did I realize it was a camera. According to the data in the photos it’s a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. The numbers inside the camera are: H3B+B1.11 and 307FB34.

unknown surfer go pro 3 found

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