Past Event- Farallon Island Expedition


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Join Shark Stewards on their unique Sharktober educational adventures to the Farallon Islands. There are hundreds of Humpback Whales feeding in the Sanctuary, Blue Whales, Fin Whales, leaping Thresher Sharks and a Leatherback Sea Turtle was spotted! Sharktober is upon us and the white sharks are returning from their 4000 miles plus migration.

They only book a few exclusive trips in the fall when the white sharks return and the weather is clement for the passengers and college students. Shark Stewards focuses on shark conservation and the health of the entire marine ecosystem in the newly expanded National Marine Sanctuary. The vessel and naturalist are permitted by the Sanctuary for Shark Viewing. Although they will seek and talk about sharks- these trips are conservation and outdoor marine education and not explicitly shark watching trips.

They are accepting reservations for  November 13th 2016.

To get your tickets, visit

2 Possible Departure Points – Please contact sharkstewards for details.

Please join the Vessel by 0730 to begin boarding for an 0800 departure.

Directions to Location #1
They will again be using the vessel Silver Fox departing from the Embarcadero at Fisherman’s Wharf at 286 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133. The boat is berthed directly east of Castagnola’s restaurant. Parking is located on Bay Street or at the Anchor Garage on Beach and Jones. Parking is located on Bay Street or at the Anchor Garage on Beach and Jones. Car pooling or public transportation highly encouraged. Parking can be found uphill in the neighborhoods.

Directions to Location #2
We will be using the vessel Outer Limits berthed and departing Sausalito (map). Free parking. Meet near the model sailboat just west of the fish ramp and fuel dock at 0730 near Fish restaurant. There will be no seal shape deployed and weather permitting we will seek pelagics at the shelf.

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