Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle in Pacifica

leatherback_seaturtle3The first confirmed sighting of an endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle this season occurred on Saturday, Aug. 15th near Pedro Point in Pacifica, Calif according to Sea Turtle Island Restoration Network. Leatherbacks, like the one spotted, migrate across the entire Pacific Ocean, over 6,500 miles each way, to feed on jellyfish along our Pacific Coast. Captain Roger Thomas of the Salty Lady, a sport fishing boat, spotted the leatherback coming up for air, and passenger Peter Winch captured the sighting with his camera.
The Leatherback Sea Turtle and all sea turtles were honored by the Pacifica Beach Coalition as the Earth Day honoree in 2012 with the slogan, “Be Turtley Cool, Take Action“. As the honoree, the Pacifica Beach Coalition brought Chris Pincetich, TIRN scientist in to teach school assemblies at all of the K-8 schools in Pacifica and to speak at the Earth Day EcoFest. The work of all the volunteers all year was dedicated to the Sea Turtles and everyone was asked to take action and learn more about sea turtles. 
Children in a number of classes wrote letters to Senator Jerry Hill asking him to designate the Pacific leatherbacks as the state’s official California marine reptile and the bill passed later that year. October 15th is the states official Pacific leatherback
Pacific leatherbacks were successfully designated as the state’s official California marine reptile symbol in 2012.
Additional information about the Leatherback Sea Turtle on SeaTurtles.orgleatherback_seaturtle

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