EcoFest 2017 – Thank Yous

ECOFEST 2017 – What a wonderful event!

On the behalf of all the PBC members, we would like to thank:
– The booths for your participation and for delivering such great kid activities
– Greg from Pedro Point Surf Club for entertaining us all through the EcoFest
– FingerPuppets for your amazing performance and all the finger puppets you gave away
– EarthCapades for the incredible show and humor
– Izzy Szczepaniak for talking about the dolphins, our 2017 Honoree
– Mazzetti’s Bakery for your creative icing and tasty cakes
– Peninsula Clean Energy for providing the beach shuttles
– Terra Nova Boosters and Pacifica School Volunteers for taking care of satisfying our appetite
– Starbucks for giving out your delicious coffee
– Junior Chef Stars for making incredible cupcakes

Once again, thank you ALL very much for coming to our EcoFest. By showing up, you prove how much you cared for the environment and for our future. We hope that you learned a bunch and will share these learning with your entourage.

Please come back again. We promise to deliver another amazing event same time, next year!

Meanwhile, here are some picture from this year:

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