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Saturday, May 16, 2015 started out like many a day at Linda Mar- COLD! Photo05160907 But as morning wind subsided and the temp started to rise (to a balmly 57), they came.  First to the table: three from Walnut Creek Intermediate (!) on a quest for a school science project.  Found on our website, the students were going to report on their findings from a beach they’d never visited. Next, our great friends from Insignia, Palo Alto who brought their environmental know-how into the fold, many local families… And then the students: James Logan High School, Westmoor, Good Shepherd and finally, Teacher Danny Yanow’s big crowd from Westborough Middle School!  What a showing from all of our young earth heroes near and far! Lots of great questions, great, young energy and fun work went into this month’s cleanup.  So many filled their buckets and came back for more! Many were surprised at the cleanliness of the beach even before the cleanup, which we at PBC credit to our great community in Pacifica; dogwalkers, surfers, families, joggers and just plain good folks who are trying their best to do the right thing for our fragile environment.  Dare we say that by the end of the cleanPhoto05160922up, it actually got brighter and warmer!  Coincidence? We think not!Photo05160907_1

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