City Council Meetings, Your Voice will be heard!

Here is a lot of good information if you would like to be involved with helping the City of Pacifica Info sent by Sue Digre, City Council Member.

Pacifica is evaluating and updating the General Plan and Local Coastal Land Use Plan in order to preserve the “CHARACTER of OUR community, PACIFICA”

That character is also very environmental.

So, it is valuable for all of you to become aware of each other’s specific concerns and support them in Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

That will provide dramatic EVIDENCE of the PUBLIC VOICE. This Community is united in intent and fervor to protect the “unique character of each neighborhood” which is indeed “Pacifica”.

a) If a neighborhood is on an meeting agenda, the Public can speak on that topic.

b) During the “Orals” part of a meeting, the Public may speak about any issue not on that evening’s agenda.

These are all valuable opportunities for the City elected and appointed representatives and residents at large TO HEAR the voice of Pacifica residents.

The upcoming meetings are extremely significant for all Pacificans.

Planning Commission meetings are the first and third Mondays at 7pm.
Next meeting: Monday June 1st.

City Council Meetings are the second and fourth Mondays.
Next meeting: Wednesday June 4th & Monday June 8th.

The June 4th WEDNESDAY meeting starts early at 6pm for a very special meeting with City Council and our Open Space/Parkland Committee! Please check our City website for full agendas and to verify dates.

Please do speak up for protections for local small businesses and for our local history and culture. Without a strong economy our City values are at risk. They are also exceptional opportunities to speak up in support of the other neighborhoods also seeking respect for the “unique character” of their area. Please do embrace these opportunities with enthusiasm!

Our greatest hour for our Community values is right now!


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