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150,000 Cigarette Butts Sent to Terracycle

TerraCycle is an innovative environmental company, located near Boston, that recycles many different products normally destined for the waste stream into products that can be reused.  Brigades of volunteers collect them and ship them to their company free of charge. Cigarette butts, ash, and silver paper inserts, collected by cigarette butt brigades are recycled, into guitar picks, jewelry, and ash trays. Since

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Adventure Out Against Cigarette Butts

How they helped us: Adventure Out has been helping keep Linda Mar Beach clean and our cigarette butt campaign by contributing to the making of our stainless steel cigarette butt containers. Adventure Out is California’s premiere outdoor school specializing in surf camps, rock climbing classes, backpacking trips, mountain biking, and wilderness survival skills instruction. Their mission is to share decades

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Daly City Recently Banned Pharmacies from Selling Cigarettes

Why should you be able to go to aisle 4 for medicines to heal you and aisle 1 for tobacco to kill you?   “Daly City’s elected officials recently moved to amend the town’s already-strict smoking ordinance to further restrict the sale, distribution and use of tobacco products. In a unanimous vote, the City Council agreed to prohibit the sale of tobacco

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Your Efforts Matter!

Cigarette butts discarded in parking lots, along sidewalks and in street gutters miles from the coast inevitably make their way through storm drains, creeks and rivers to the beach and the ocean. They are *not* biodegradable! Help prevent cigarette butts, the #1 most-littered item worldwide, from leaching toxic chemicals into our environment. Your efforts matter! Share it!

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Cigarette Receptacles Installed!

BREAKING NEWS: Cigarette Receptacles installed at Sharp Park and Linda Mar Beach! Each receptacle include a sheet full of cigarette butts facts to educate the public about cigarette butts and their negative effect towards the environment. More containers coming soon to Linda Mar, Rockaway, Winters and Seahorse Saloon. There will be 14 receptacles installed around Pacifica – These were financed

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