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Tips for a Green 4th of July

It’s that time of year again, time for fun in honor of our nation’s independence. Let’s be good Americans and take care of this beautiful land and ocean we have been so blessed to share. After all, with freedom comes responsibility. Here are a few quick tips for greening your July 4th. Can the fireworks Fireworks are a long standing

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We Won the Prestigious Sustainable San Mateo “Sustainability Award”

San Mateo Sustainable award

It is a very special award and after running for almost 5 years, the PBC finally won! We have worked so hard to educate people about sustainability and environmental practices for almost 20 years. With the help and support of the City, our yearly sponsors like Recology, NCCWD, County of San Mateo, Pacifica Tribune, Pedro Point Surf Club, Mazzetti’s Bakery, Pacifica and

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Honoree 2017: Dolphins & Porpoises

The community has spoken: PBC’s 2017 honoree is the Dolphin and the Porpoise!   Although porpoises and dolphins are a protected species, these marine mammals are known to be hunted for food or as bait for other marine animals. In commercial areas porpoises and dolphins may end up getting caught in fishing nets or other types of fishing equipment. They

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Whoaa, Check Out Our 2016 Successes!

Pacifica Beach Coalition 2016 Successes, So Far…   Some Numbers: 2013/14* 2015 2016 Volunteers 11,894 11,603 12,283 Trash in LBS 18,244 16,475 15,032 Recycle in LBS 4,814 2,370 3,509 Green Waste in LBS 11,608 23,789 38,878 Cig. Butts Didn’t Count 89,162 136,662 Cig. Butts (Pots) Didn’t Have Pots 3,733 32,372 EcoPots Didn’t Have Pots 2,699 3,409 * Since April 2013

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