45 Volunteers & 256 Lbs of Trash!

Last Saturday was by far the most beautiful day of the year for multiple reasons:
– An incredible weather
– 45 volunteers came including members of the YMSL and the Masterworks Chorale
– 256 lbs of trash were collected (including 22 lbs of recycling)

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and was impressed by the amount of trash they all picked up. We got 2 tires out of the rocks but 2 are still stuck under the rocks, the boys from the YMSL group found a 18 lbs sleeping bag and Christine found an acrylic painted nail.

A big thank you to every single one of you, PBC volunteers, you were just wonderful!

Full Trash Report:

Cig butts 334
Styrofoam 247
Plastic bag 166
Wrappers 163
Cans 122
Fishing line/Rope 105
Caps/Lids 92
Glass bottle 78
Plastic bottle 60
Straws 56
Cups 46
Paper bag 26
Broken glass 15
Paper napkin 14
Metal pieces 8
Piece of clothing 8
Piece of fabric 6
bait bag 5
Plastic Food containers 5
Balloons 3
zipties 3
Large Plywood Piece 3
Balls 2
Latex gloves 2
Shoes 2
Tires 2
shotgun shell 2
fishing materials 1
paper plate 1
Plastic cutlery 1
toys 1
Ziploc bag 1
electrican tape 1
Trash can lid 1
acrylic paint nail 1

pillar point cleanup1pillar point cleanup2pillar point cleanup1 pillar point cleanup4pillar point cleanup3

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